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Berlin: Shopping, Zoo, and Live shows

For the shoppers out there, Berlin offers a plethora of retail therapy ranging from rustic indie shops to international brands like Zara and H&M.  One of the more glamorous shopping districts is französische strasse which translates into “French street.”  As the name suggests, you can find high end boutiques and the giant Galeries Lafayette French department store.  To boast it’s “Frenchness” there is a very prominent Eiffel Tower erected right in the middle of the multi-leveled store.
Eiffel Tower inside Mall in Berlin
 Another cool shopping district is Kurfürstendamm.  An extremely length strip lined with both high end and lower end stores and everything in between.  You’d probably need a full day to cover all the grounds.  Even if you aren’t a keen shopper, there are things like gourmet food stores, cafes, and architecture to check out in the area. The shot taken below with the two pyramid structures are actually bird cages.  If you look closely, you can see the little canaries sitting inside. Artistic Birdcage
While in Berlin someone recommended checking out the ‘oldest zoo in the city.’  Well… it is the only zoo in the city (lol…) and to be honest it was pretty underwhelming so I’d suggest skipping this as there is nothing distinctly ‘Berlin’ to check out.
Berlin Zoo
Berlin zoo birds
Giraffes in Berlin Zoo
After walking around in the heat looking at animals, my friend and I settled down in a quant little spot by a river and sipped on cold minty lemonade… such bliss. 
Drinks on the patio
For something a little more worthwhile, I checked out one of the heavily promoted shows in Berlin at the time I was there called “Show Me.”  It was held at one of the largest and most beautiful venues in the city – Friedrichstadt Palast.
Friedrichstadt Palast
Inside Friedrichstadt Palast
Berlin stadium
The performance was a mix of contemporary dance, futuristic imagery, ballet, male pole dancing (oh lord), and live singing.  I think they described it as a cross between Las Vegas and broadway which is pretty accurate.  
German performers
Overall a great show, very entertaining!
Berlin at night
The beautiful view along the river at night after the show. 
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